Netizen tertawa histeris dan menyatakan apresiasi mereka atas postingan cerdas tersebut, memuji Kepolisian Delhi atas selera humor dan keterampilan mereka dalam menggunakan media sosial.

In the midst of the global celebration among Indian cricket enthusiasts following India’s victory over Pakistan in the ongoing T20 World Cup at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York, the Delhi Police shared a humorous post on social media platform X early on Monday morning that quickly gained widespread attention.

Delhi Police on a roll

Tagging the New York Police Department (NYPD), the Delhi Police said, “Hey, @NYPDnews We heard two loud noises. One is ‘Indiaaa..India!’, and another is probably of broken televisions. Can you please confirm?

Internet users laughed hysterically and expressed their appreciation at the clever remark. Thousands of people liked, shared, and commented on the tweet in a short amount of time, praising the Delhi Police for their humor and deft use of social media to interact with the public.

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Previous tweet not the first one

Regarding the clash between India and Pakistan, this was not Delhi Police’s first tweet. It took to X to wish Team India luck prior to the match.

Dear NYPDnews, just to tip you off: An interesting, delightful fight is expected at Nassau County International Cricket Stadium today. Good luck to Team India,” the post on the micro-blogging site read.

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