Oil spills pollute the waters of the Seribu Islands. North Seribu Islands Subdistrict Head Ismail explained that the sticky black oil spill had polluted the waters around Harapan Island and Head Island.
“Actually, the pollution is Harapan Island. Harapan Island and Kelapa are one term. So Harapan Island and Head Island sub-districts,” said Ismail when contacted by detikcom, Friday (4/10/2022).

Even though it did not reach land, the oil spill polluted coastal areas and mangrove trees. He also confirmed that currently the oil spill has been cleaned up.

“Because the mangroves are on the edge of the coast, there is still pollution, even a little,” he said.

Police Investigate Source of Oil Pollution
Ismail said that currently the police are investigating the source of oil pollution in the waters of the Seribu Islands. Police, according to him, had taken samples of contaminated water.

“Currently it is being handled by the North Thousand Islands Police,” he said.

“The information is still for investigation, which means it will be taken to the laboratory,” he added.

Ismail stated that there are a number of possibilities for oil spills to pollute the waters. First, the oil spill came from a tanker passing around the location. Second, it comes from oil refinery leaks.

“Whether it was from large tankers or whether there was a leak from an oil refinery, we don’t know,” he added.