UPDATE: Mar. 21, 2024, 9:30 a.m. EDT This story has been updated with the latest pricing for our top picks and an additional FAQ about Amazon Prime Day.

Spring temperatures are melting prices at Amazon. The retail giant is hosting a new seasonal savings event this week called the “Big Spring Sale” (very apt), and it’s not just another iteration of its flagship Prime Day sale.

Live now through Monday, March 25 at amazon.com/bigspringsale, the Big Spring Sale is a first-of-its-kind event featuring deals that revolve around “seasonally relevant items” and “warm-weather essentials,” according to a post on Amazon’s blog. That includes sports and outdoor equipment, cleaning and organizing products, and select electronics, from Apple devices to Fire tablets.

In a deviation from Prime Day, Amazon’s biggest savings event of the year, the Big Spring Sale isn’t entirely restricted to members of its paid Prime subscription service. However, the company’s announcement notes that members “will receive access to exciting, exclusive deals” as part of it. If you haven’t signed up for Prime yet, you can jumpstart a 14-day trial for free.

Keep reading for the Mashable Shopping team’s running list of hand-picked highlights from the Big Spring Sale, and check back often: New doorbusters are being added every day.

Best Amazon Spring Sale Apple deals

Why we like them

Read Mashable’s full review of the Apple AirPods Pro USB-C.

“The USB-C AirPods Pro came onto the scene last year, offering a much-needed upgrade with its charging port, while keeping the features we loved on the Lightning Pros. With these earbuds, you get maximum portability, great functionality with Apple devices, and some of the best ANC you can find on a pair of earbuds. At $179.99, these buds have a new lowest price ever, making now a great time to buy.” — Bethany Allard, Lead Shopping Reporter

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Apple accessories

Apple Watches


  • Apple iPad, 10.2-inch (WiFi, 64GB) — $249 $329 (save $80)

  • Apple iPad, 10.9-inch (WiFi, 64GB) — $349 $449 (save $100)

  • Apple iPad Air, 10.9-inch (WiFi, 64GB) — $449.99 $599 (save $149.01)

  • Apple iPad mini (WiFi, 64GB) — $399.99 $499 (save $99.01)

  • Apple iPad, 10.9-inch (WiFi + cellular, 64GB) — $499 $599 (save $100)

  • Apple iPad Air, 10.9-inch (WiFi + cellular, 64GB) — $599.99 $749 (save $149.01)

  • Apple iPad mini (WiFi + cellular, 256GB) — $629 $799 (save $170)


  • Apple MacBook Air, 13.6-inch (M3, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) — $1,049.99 $1,099 (save $49.01)

  • Apple MacBook Air, 15-inch (M3, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) — $1,234 $1,299 (save $65)

  • Apple MacBook Pro, 14.2-inch (M3, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD) — $1,399.99 $1,599 (save $199.01 with on-page coupon)

  • Apple MacBook Pro, 14.2-inch (M3, 8GB RAM, 1TB SSD) — $1,599.99 $1,799 (save $199.01 with on-page coupon)


Best Amazon Spring Sale laptop deals

FYI: Scroll back up to the Apple deals section if you’re looking for discounts on MacBooks.

Why we like it

“Samsung just released its new Galaxy Book4 series laptops in the U.S., so it makes total sense for Amazon to drop last year’s Galaxy Book3 down to this new record-low price. This specific configuration of the sleek entry-level laptop includes a 13th-gen Intel Core i5 processor, a healthy 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage. Note that it comes installed with Windows 11 Pro (which includes BitLocker encryption), not the standard Windows 11 Home version.” — Haley Henschel, Senior Shopping Reporter

More laptop deals

Traditional laptops

  • ASUS Vivobook 16X (Intel Core i7-13700H, 8GB RAM, 1TB SSD) — $679.99 $849.99 (save $170)

  • HP Laptop 15-fd0099nr (Intel Core i7-1355U, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) — $699.99 $839.99 (save $140)

  • ASUS Vivobook 16X (Intel Core i9-13900H, NVIDIA Geforce RTX 4050, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD) — $949.99 $1,199.99 (save $250)

  • Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro, 14-inch (Intel Core i5-1340P, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) — $969.99 $1,449.99 (save $480)

  • Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro, 16-inch (Intel Core i5-1340P, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) — $969.99 $1,549.99 (save $580)

  • ASUS VivoBook Pro 16 (Intel Core i9-13900H, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 GPU, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD) — $1,199.99 $1,499.99 (save $300)

2-in-1 laptops

Gaming laptops

  • MSI Thin GF63 (Intel Core i5-12450H, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD) — $563.50 $699 (save $135.50)

  • ASUS TUF Gaming F15 (Intel Core i5-12500H, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) — $799.99 $899.99 (save $100)

  • ASUS ROG Strix G15 (AMD Ryzen 7 6800HS, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050, 16GB DDR5, 512GB SSD) — $799.99 $999.99 (save $200)

  • ASUS ROG Strix G17 (AMD Ryzen 7 6800H, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) — $999.99 $1,199.99 (save $200)

  • ASUS TUF Gaming A17 (AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD) — $1,199.99 $1,499.99 (save $300)

  • ASUS TUF Gaming A15 (AMD Ryzen 7 7940HS, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD) — $1,399 $1,699.99 (save $300.99)

  • ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 (Intel Core i9-12900H, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD) — $1,499.99 $2,049.99 (save $550)

  • ASUS ROG Strix G16 (Intel Core i9-13980HX, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD) — $1,699.99 $1,999.99 (save $300)

Best Amazon Spring Sale robot vacuum deals

Why we like it

“We’re always going to sound the alarm when a 50% discount is spotted on a Roomba. Even without mopping or self-emptying capabilities, the Roomba j7 is still one of the most solid Roombas — and robot vacuums in general — that you could bring home, and that’s all due to small obstacle avoidance. On top of room-to-room smart mapping, any j series Roomba steers clear of things like phone chargers, pet waste, and socks. This capability, which we first experienced when testing the Combo j7+, is an absolute game-changer if your previous gripe with robot vacuums was that you had to clean up the room before sending them out to clean.” — Leah Stodart, Senior Shopping Reporter

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Best Amazon Spring Sale headphone/earbud deals

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Why we like them

Read Mashable’s full review of the Amazon Echo Buds with Active Noise Cancellation (2nd Gen).

“We’re not going to lie, it can be a little tricky to find more-than-decent ANC on a pair of budget earbuds. At their full price of $119.99, the Echo Buds already offer a fairly enticing price point for that criteria, but at $54.99, that’s nearly unbeatable. Mashable Tech Reporter Alex Perry wrote in his Echo Buds review, ‘Considering how much cheaper these are than other big-name ANC-enabled earbuds, it’s pretty incredible that the ANC works as well as it does.’ You shouldn’t expect Bose-standard noise cancellation, the touch panels can be a little too sensitive, and the battery life is just okay, but these are fair trade-offs for the money you’re saving.” — BA

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Best Amazon Spring Sale TV deals

Why we like it

“If price has been the only factor deterring you from upgrading to an XL screen, check out this 75-inch QLED TV from TCL that has dropped to a new record-low price of $599.99 (according to Amazon price tracker camelcamelcamel). The Q6 is one of TCL’s cheapest models to utilize quantum dots: an extra layer of nanoparticles between the screen and direct backlighting. This creates the brightness necessary for Dolby Vision and HDR10+ compatibility to be worthwhile — brightness that a regular LED TV just can’t compete with. TCL has also loaded the Q6 series with Motion Rate 240 motion smoothing technology and three HDMI ports, making it a super solid budget gaming TV.” — LS

More TV deals

55 to 58 inches

65 to 70 inches

75 to 98 inches

  • Toshiba 75-inch C350 4K Fire TV — $519.99 $649.99 (save $130)

  • Hisense 75-inch U6HF QLED Fire TV — $629.99 $1,149.99 (save $520)

  • LG 75-inch 80 Series QNED TV — $1,096.99 $1,496.99 (save $400)

  • TCL 75-inch QM8 QLED TV — $1,198 $2,299.99 (save $1,101.99)

  • Samsung 85-inch Q70C QLED TV — $1,597.99 $2,797.99 (save $1,200)

  • Samsung 85-inch QN90C QLED TV — $2,397.99 $4,797.99 (save $2,400)

  • TCL 98-inch S5 4K TV — $1,998 $3,999.99 (save $2,001.99)

Best Amazon Spring Sale unlocked phone deals

Why we like it

Read Mashable’s full review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

“A close rival to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 Ultra is a premium 6.8-inch smartphone with a durable titanium design, a rear telephoto lens with impressive zoom capabilities, and a smattering of neat AI features. It also comes with a built-in S Pen stylus that doubles as a remote, according to Mashable tech editor Kim Gedeon. This is the 256GB base model’s first discount since it launched in January 2024.” — HH

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Samsung Galaxy

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Best Amazon Spring Sale phone accessory deals

Why we like it

“Just released in February of this year, the Anker MagGo foldable 3-in-1 charging station just got its first big discount for the Big Spring Sale. It regularly retails for $109.99, but you can grab it for just $82.49 and save 25%. As the name suggests, it can wirelessly charge three gadgets at once — an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and AirPods (or other Qi-enabled devices) — and fast (15W). The vertical design is compact and convenient for a desk or bedside table. Plus, it weighs under 7 ounces and folds up smaller than Apple’s Magic Mouse, making it ideal for travel.” — Christina Buff, Contributor

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Wall chargers and charging stations

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Phone cases

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Best Amazon Spring Sale Fire device deals

Why we like it

Read Mashable’s full review of the Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet.

“The Fire Max 11 tablet is Amazon’s most feature-complete tablet to date, and you can currently snag the 128GB model for $200 (or $80 off) — its lowest price yet. It’s packed with a speedy and powerful octa-core processor that’s perfect for productivity and entertainment, can handle up to 14 hours of use on a single charge, and has a beautiful 11-inch screen to tie it all together. You can even get a bundle that comes with a keyboard cover and stylus at a discount (almost $120 off).” — Dylan Haas, Lead Shopping Reporter

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Amazon Fire TV devices

Best Amazon Spring Sale tablet deals

FYI: Scroll back up to the Apple deals and Fire TV device deals sections if you’re looking for discounts on iPads and Fire tablets, respectively.

Why we like it

“If you prefer going against the grain and not buying an iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE is a solid alternative, and it’s on sale for $100 off the usual price during the Amazon sale. It’s one of the most water- and dust-resistant tablets on the market, can last up to 18 hours on a single charge, and comes with an S Pen.” — DH

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Best Amazon Spring Sale fitness tracker deals

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Why we like it

“The Garmin Forerunner 255 is on the higher-budget end of fitness trackers, but at $100 off during Amazon’s Big Spring Sale, we think it’s worth considering. The durable fitness watch features a slim design, but can still withstand excessive sweat and accidental drops. Using the device’s easy-to-use five-button layout, you’ll be able to check on things like your heart rate, sleep quality, recovery score, and more. It even has a 14-day battery life, so you won’t have to constantly slow yourself down as you work towards your fitness goals.” — DH

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Best Amazon Spring Sale outdoor security camera deals

Why we like it

“With 700 lumens of motion-triggered illumination, the new Blink Outdoor 4 Floodlight camera lets you see what’s happening outside of your home in crisp HD no matter the time of day. Thanks to two-way audio, you can speak to people and pets using the Blink app on your smartphone, and get a heads up if that noise you heard outside was a squirrel rustling in the bushes or an actual intruder. With the Blink subscription plan (sold separately), the enhanced motion detection goes even further with person detection. At 40% off ahead of the Big Spring Sale, you can grab this easy-to-setup security camera for an all-time low of $77.99.” — CB

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Best Amazon Spring Sale Bluetooth tracker deals

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Why we like it

“If you’re new to the world of Bluetooth trackers, the Tile Starter Pack is a great introduction. This pack comes with one Tile Mate and one Tile Slim. The Mate is designed to conveniently attach to your key ring while the Mate is similar in size to a credit card to easily slip into your wallet or purse. Both are water-resistant so there’s no stress if you drop your keys in your mug of coffee, and both are compatible with iOS for Apple users and Android devices.” — Lauren Allain, Contributor

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How to sign up for Amazon Prime

The Big Spring Sale is open to Prime members and non-members alike, but a handful of deals are exclusive to the former. If you haven’t subscribed to Prime within the past 12 months, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial at amazon.com/prime. After that trial ends, you’ll be bumped to a paid membership plan for $14.99 per month or $139 per year.